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Capturing Color

This website serves as a prototype for the Capstone Project completed at the end of the Data Analytics and Visualization Masters of Professional Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

While the entirety of The Sawyer Pictures materials served as my initial inspiration for the project, I eventually narrowed the focus of my data search to the element of color. By means of capturing the relative percentages of colors through image analysis of sample and copy paintings, running correlation analyses on the resulting values, and restructuring the vertical lists of colors to 10x10 inch grids, I can say with reasonable certainty that the colorists who worked from Gladys Towle's sample paintings were singularly focused on nearly exact replication. It was beyond the scope of this project to consider the limitations and exceptionalities of the human visual system with regard to the artistry. And it is not lost on me that the method of analysis was singularly possible because of

the time in which we live. 

What would Gladys say?!

SJC Sample from Analyzer web.jpg
SJC Sample for web.jpg

Gladys Towle's Sample

SJC Sample Square Analysis for web.jpg

Relative Color Percentages (sample) 

SJC Copy for web.jpg

Colorist's Copy

SJC Copy Square Anaylsis for web.jpg

Relative Color Percentages (copy) 

color comparison graph.jpg
SJC copy  from Analyzer web.jpg
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