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This is where it all started.

The handwriting above is Gladys Towle's. At some point during her career as a colorist with The Sawyer Pictures, she wrote down, step-by-step, how to approach a newly printed black and white image with color. During the Covid Pandemic, a friend gave me these notes, a collection of black and white Sawyer photos, and the wish that I might find a way to pass some of the house-bound "free time," we had been given. I have yet to set brush to photo, but I have discovered that there

is more to colorizing photos than meets the eye. And having purchased the entire inventory

of The Sawyer Pictures, there is no end to the ways in which I can explore these treasures.

Click on an image to look more closely at the scenery.

Ausable Chasm for web.jpg
Valley of the Ten Peaks for web.jpg
Mt. Chocorua Sample on back for web.jpg
Ausable Chasm
Valley of the Ten Peaks
Mt. Chocorua
Orchard Brook for web.jpg
Autumnal Tapestry 20 for web.jpg
Old Man Sample on back for web.jpg
Orchard Brook
Autumnal Tapestry
Old Man of the Mountain
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